Green Light-Red Light Moisture Probe

This amazingly simple product will give readings within the root zone of plants from a hand held display unit, utilising a string of four (4) sensors. The display unit will instantly indicate when to irrigate by showing what percentage of water is left in the soil at each sensor depth.


  • Each sensor is automatically calibrated when the soil is at Full Point by simply pushing the RED button. SIMPLY AMAZING!
  • Reads the soil moisture within seconds at each sensor depth.
  • Reads soil moisture in PERCENTAGE
  • Soil FULL point is 100%
  • The bottom end of the Readily Available Water is approx 55%
  • Records data and calibration from 99 different sites and stores 81 profiles per site.
  • No computer required, but a computer can be used if you want to graph or print data.
  • Because the Readout unit simultaneously displays the actual percentage of soil moisture from the 4 sensors, you can tell IMMEDIATELY if you need to irrigate.
  • Multiple access tubes can be installed ? then the sensor string is simply dropped into the access tube.
  • Suitable for all soil types from very light sand up to heavy clay.
  • Suits all irrigated crops, including pasture, vines, trees and vegetables.
  • The sensor string can be placed in existing Micro-Gopher ? access tubes.
  • Optional continuous timed recording is available with our low cost Odyssey ? recorder, which stores 64,000 soil moisture readings.

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