Based on the Micro-MCA4 architecture, the RGB+3 is a remote sensing workhorse. This system consists of four cameras: one RGB color camera that senses broad bands of red, green, and blue; and three monochrome cameras that sense the following narrow bands: 680 nm, 700 nm, and 800 nm; these are generally understood as NDVI red, the “red edge,” and NDVI NIR, respectively. This configuration allows you the advantage of an RGB color camera as well as very precise analyses, such as NDVI and SAVI, via the narrow bands.

The RGB+3 snap shutter sensors produce crisp images at very short exposures that are ideal for mosaic building or operation aboard fast or low-flying aircraft. The RGB+3 is equipped with standard Micro-MCA interfacing which includes a USB 2.0 interface for rapid system configuration and image transfer, a serial interface for tagging each image with GPS coordinates, live video interfacing, and a multi-IO connector (HDMI) with links to remote controls such as a remote image trigger.

System Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 115.6 mm x 80.3 mm x 50 mm (4.53 in x 3.16 in x 1.96 in)
  • Weight: 400 grams (0.88 pounds)
  • Power: 9.0 to 16.5 Volts (DC), 500 mA Typical Current Draw
  • Lenses: Four lenses (9.6 mm focal length each)
  • Effective Sensor Range: 425 nm to 950 nm (Filters field changeable by users)
  • Color Bands: Red: 570 nm – 700 nm, Green: 480 nm – 550 nm and
  • Blue: 400 nm – 470 nm
  • Narrow Bands (CWL): 680 nm (NDVI Red), 700 nm (Red Edge) and 800 nm (NDVI NIR) (each 20 nm wide)
  • Image Memories: Four 16 GB Micro SD cards (up to ~8000 images/card)
  • Control Panel Buttons: Take Picture, Move System Menu Up, Down or Select
  • Status Indicator (LED): System Ready (Green) / System Busy (Red)
  • Interface Connections:
  • USB: USB 2.0 (Able to transfer images & data @ 60 MB/Second)
  • Serial: RS232 Serial interface (normally used for GPS coordinates)
  • Video: NTSC
  • Multi-IO (HDMI-Type Remote trigger, Serial (Receive, Transmit & Sync), NTSC Video
  • Connector):
  • Included Software: Tetracam PixelWrench2

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