Nu-Tech International was established on 20th October, 1992 with the aim to cater to the needs of scientific community by supplying latest-state-of-the-art New Technology instruments/equipments for research & development and to extend incessant service support for the supplies made by it. Since inception, Nu-Tech International has given emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing proper and timely technical and application support to its customers which earned reputation for the company and helped widen its customer base very rapidly. Nu-Tech International started functioning as a small company from E-4, Second Floor, Bali Nagar, New Delhi. Due to the sincere & dedicated efforts and target oriented goals Nu-Tech International has evolved as a full-fledged & vibrant instrumentation group with a wide customer base across India. Nu-Tech International, now, has its presence in all the regions of the country and operates from its Head Office at New Delhi , Branch Offices at : Chennai, Manipur, Kolkatta, Hyderabad and Sub Offices at: Srinagar, Ahmedabad, Lucknow.

The Mandate

Nu-Tech International strives for the technological advances & know-how dissemination using modern tools to help scientists and technicians to meet environmental challenges. Specific Objectives of Nu-Tech International are the Followings: To provide our Scientists and Technologist with the State-of-the-Art, yet Cost Effective and Durable Instruments and Equipments for both field operations and laboratory studies; Forging the partnership for Scientific & Technical advances in the field of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Environment Monitoring & Natural Resource Management through Consultancy, Project Development & Implementation; As a key ingredient of National Objective of achieving Sustainable Agriculture and Balanced Eco-system, Nu-Tech International aims to fulfill the requirement for rapid, reliable, and continuous mapping of Land, Forest and Water Potential and Resources Management Informatics. Aims to develop Eco-friendly and sustainable models for economic development; To create the awareness of the New Technology products through demonstration, presentation and know-how dissemination to scientific community at every forum, possible from a remote rural farm to an International Symposia; To nurture Technological Advances in Instrumentation Discipline through Application Support; Nu-Tech International aims to set Higher Standards and Transparency be it Staff Administration, Business Dealings and Know-how Dissemination; Nu-Tech International aims to promote conducive and productive environment for knowledge-based career growth of the staffs un-biased irrespective of religion, caste, creed and regionalism; And lastly, to meet the Objectives listed above and sustain growth, Nu-Tech International aims to promote, collaborate and branch out using resources at our command and conventional or alternative means

Scope of Nu-Tech International

Nu-Tech International bridges the link between Global Instrumentation Corporations and International Manufacturers with Scientists working in Mission-oriented Technology Development Projects, Public funded Research Stations, Agricultural Research Organisations, Food, Feed & Pharma industries and Private NGOs. Imparting Technical advances in Instrumentation, Remote Sensing, Resource Profiling, Data Processing and Modeling are Priority areas for Nu-Tech International. Different disciplines of Research & Development catered by Nu-Tech International include Agriculture, Basic Science, Ecology, Environment & Forest Research. The field envisioned by Nu-Tech International covers the breadth and length of our country. In order to reach far off places, institutions and individuals, Nu-Tech International has developed and strengthened its marketing & service support network across the country. Through relentless efforts Nu-Tech International has reached a state from where Technical information is effectively passed on to Public Research Institutions, Private Co-operates and other research bodies through softwares, CDs and brochures. Our clients are as diversified as their field of research. Federal agencies like Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR) and Department of Science Technology, National Institutions, Regional Research Laboratories, Pollution Control Boards, State (Agriculture) Universities & Affiliated Colleges, Academic Institutions and Food & Feed Industries and farmers.

TARGAS-1 Portable Photosynthesis System
SPAD 502: Chlorophyll Meter
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