Oxygraph Plus System: Liquid-Phase Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement

The Oxygraph Plus oxygen electrode system provides PC control of oxygen uptake or evolution measurements across a broad range of applications from studies of mitochondria and cellular respiration to measurements of isolated chloroplast suspensions in photosynthesis research applications with up to 100% oxygen concentration.

The Oxygraph Plus system consists of a highly sensitive S1 Clark Type polarographic oxygen electrode disc mounted within a DW1/AD electrode chamber and connected to the new Oxygraph Plus electrode control unit. The DW1/AD provides a highly versatile solution to measurements of dissolved oxygen in liquid-phase samples of between 0.2 – 2.5ml with it’s clear cast acrylic construction providing excellent sample visibility & uniform illumination. Precise temperature control of the sample and electrode disc can be achieved by connecting the water jacket of the DW1/AD to a thermoregulated circulating water bath.

Please use the tabs below for full details of the different elements of the Oxygraph Plus System.


  • PC operated oxygen electrode control unit with USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Suitable for liquid & gas-phase samples with 0 – 100% oxygen concentration
  • Clear cast acrylic DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber with integral Clark type polarographic oxygen electrode
  • Integral systems for measurement of pH & other ion-selective electrode signals with 16 bit resolution
  • 24 bit high resolution measurement of oxygen signals removes the requirement for gain & back-off settings
  • System expansion to 8 channels via purchase of additional components
  • Windows® software for data acquisition, hardware control & data analysis
  • Real time 0 – 4.5v analogue output of oxygen electrode signal
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