The Weather-proof ADC Ideal for Manned Aircraft

Note: This unit is no longer in production.


The ADC Air is a ruggedized single sensor digital multi-spectral camera designed and optimized for capture of visible light wavelengths longer than 520nm and near-infrared wavelengths up to 920nm. Like the ADC, the primary use of this product is for frequencies of light reflected and absorbed by crop canopies and vegetation. When the ADC Air’s output is fed into the accompanying PixelWrench2 image software, stress factors and the overall health of the photographed vegetation may be determined.

Unlike the ADC, the Air version is weather-tight and fully protected for harsh environments. All in-flight control is able to be accomplished through a single cable. Weather sealed doors and a screw-on lens hood allow full access to camera connectors, lens and CF card when out of the weather. This is the preferred camera for external mounting on manned aircraft. The ADC Air is also an ideal solution for long term vegetation studies in static ground-based installations.

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