Tetracam’s LCD-Equipped Agricultural Digital Camera

Note: This unit is no longer in production.


Tetracam’s Agricultural Digital Camera (ADC) sets the standard for multi-spectral imaging of crop canopies and vegetation. The ADC boasts a conventional digital camera’s feel while delivering unparalleled multi-spectral imaging capabilities.

The ADC contains a single precision 3.2 megapixel image sensor (storing 2048 x 1536 pixels) optimized for capturing visible light wavelengths longer than 520nm and near-infrared wavelengths up to 920nm. The image sensor is divided into a mosaic of tiny optical filters. Each filter allows a separate red, green or NIR band of wavelengths to pass while blocking others. These are equivalent to TM2, TM3 and TM4 Landsat bands.


PixelWrench2, the image processing software included with the camera, enables extraction of standard vegetation indices (such as NDVI, SAVI, canopy segmentation and NIR/Green ratios) from the captured images. Competing with images available from satellites, the ADC offers lower-cost image capture, freedom from cloud cover and the ability to readily obtain re-occurring images for timely comparisons.

The ADC is GPS compatible and ideal for ground-based or airborne operations. The unit’s liquid crystal display provides the user with the ability to observe the live image, menus for handheld use, and color palletized vegetation indexed images. The same images available on the LCD may be sent to a remote receiver.

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