OS-1 (64 Channels)

The OS1 offers a market leading combination of price, performance, reliability and SWAP. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather  environments and long lifetime. As the smallest high performance LIDAR on the market, the OS1 can be directly integrated into vehicle facias, windshield, side mirrors, and headlight clusters.


  • Fixed resolution per frame operating mode
  • Camera-grade ambient and intensity data
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
  • Industry leading intrinsic calibration
  • Open source drivers

Other Features

  • Multiple time syncing input and output options
  • On-the-fly programming of frame rate and resolution
  • Fixed angle and fixed timing measurement modes
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
  • Industry leading intrinsic and extrinsic factory calibration
  • Pluggable connector
  • Over-the-network firmware updates
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