Model 1000 Pressure Chamber Instrument

The Model 1000 Pressure Chamber Instrument is an old favorite we have built for over 40 years. We have recently (May 2011) updated this instrument with some changes that most users will appreciate. We have upgraded the Control Valve and internal piping to now allow direct connection to Nitrogen Cylinders with 207 Bar/3000 PSI pressure. This stainless steel valve is more durable and has a better packing therefore giving more life.

Instrument comes fitted with our most popular sealing gasket size – 1/4 inch Compression Gland Gasket and Insert. This gasket will seal a sample that is 1/4 inch in diameter down to a completely closed position. If you need other sealing options such as bladed grass or other semi-round sizes check our other options.

This is an excellent choice for research due to the large range of operating pressure. It is good for work on high stress level plants, pressure volume curves but can also be used for routine water measurements for crop plants.

The instrument requires a nitrogen source. You can use it in a lab or green house with a large cylinder or buy our light weight Portable Tank to allow for field work.


Maximum Operating Pressure 70 bar
Chamber Construction Solid Stock Stainless Steel
Chamber Size 2.5 inch inside diameter x 5.0 inch inside depth
Read-out Bourdon Tube
  Guage Bar
  PSI Scale
Size (L x W x H) 13 × 11 × 10 inches
  33 × 28 × 24 centimeters
Weight 20 Lbs / 9 Kg
Gauge 6” Diameter Gauge
  1/2 of 1% accuracy
  70 bar (7 Mpa) range

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