UniSpec-SC: Single Channel Spectral Analysis System

Accurate measurement of leaf level reflectance has never been easier!

UniSpec-SC Spectral Analysis System

The UniSpec-SC is a single channel (VIS/NIR), portable instrument commonly referred to as a “leaf reflectometer”.  It is an ideal instrument for measurement of lead level reflectance on individual leaves, as well as for use in ecosystem remote sensing applications.  It is truly a self-contained system that does not require a separate PC for operation.

The heart of the UniSpec-SC is a high precision, miniature photodiode array detector that features high sensitivity, repeatability and long term calibration stability.  With a built-in, rechargeable 7.2V Li-Ion battery that provides power to the entire system, the UniSpec-SC will operate continuously for up to 4-6 hours in the field.

The UniSpec-SC also features a tungsten halogen light source, which provides a steady, user-adjustable light source for measurement of leaf level reflectance in the VIS/NIR.  Unlike other remote sensing instruments, the UniSpec-SC features an innovative, ergonomic system console designed specifically for demanding field conditions.  There are also a wide selection of accessories available for use with the UniSpec-SC, including fiber optics, leaf clips, FOV lens, cosine receptor, external battery pack and reference standards.

UniSpec-SC Spectral Analysis SystemAPPLICATIONS

  • Plant Physiology & Ecology
  • Forestry
  • Field crop monitoring
  • Remote sensing
  • Ground trothing
  • Atmospheric science
  • Aquatic plants
  • Chlorophyll quantification


  • High precision spectrometer
  • Range: 310-1100 nm (VIS/NIR)
  • No recalibration required
  • Rapid measurement
    (< 1 second)
  • Lightweight (2.0 kg)
  • Field portable
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with field carrying case
  • Flexible foreoptic interface
  • Powerful user interface and software
  • Unlimited data storage
  • GPS capability
Fiber optics interface (Detector/Source), serial and USB ports, PCMCIA port and power.
Fiber optics interface (Detector/Source), serial and USB ports, PCMCIA port and power.
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